Welcome to the future of Collective Intelligence.

Collectively we can change the World.

Welcome to the future of Collective Intelligence.

Collectively we can change the World.

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Collectively we can change this World. To achieve this mission, we are synergizing human-machine intellect using Collective Intelligence.

Human Intelligence can supersede Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and problem solving as human mind generates something unique - our behavioural perspectives. We are synergising these key elements to enable better decision making for your financial wellbeing using Collective Intelligence and Behavioural Science.

What We Do

Our core competence is Collective Intelligence and Behavioural Science. We are applying this principal components in Financial Technologies using Data Sciences and Cognitive Technologies. We have initiated from Social Giving and Social Innovations, which will lead us to the next generation FinTech solution for everyone.

At SYNE, we preferred Cognitive Technologies to go a step beyond Artificial Intelligence as it can create human intelligence and wisdom by analyzing a series of collective intelligence factors. Collective Intelligence blended with Behavioural Science will power a faster, more accurate, data centric technology system which will help Humans in decision making.

Who We Are

SYNE is a Financial Technology company productising academic research on Cognitive Data Sciences with an experienced team in the industry. We are very enthusiastic about the opportunities in digital platforms to enable new and better forms of democratic participation and everyday decision making.

We bring together brilliant people to build a better futures for our clients. We not only design and conduct quality research, but we ensure that can translate into latest discoveries in meaningful ways.


Human Brains and 10x Machines.
We are in a start-up mode and our team has been growing. Currently we are having a mix of Data Scientists, Technologists, Behavioural Scientists, Film Makers, Neuroscientists, Lawyers, Social Leaders, Creative Artists and more.


We are currently seed funded by Ideamill Ventures and supported by academia and experts in the industry. We love ambitious investors to support us to achieve our mission and create history.

Join us and help our businesses grow.