100 companies are responsible for 71% of GHG emissions

Public companies account for 32% emissions.

100 companies are responsible for 71% of GHG emissions

Public companies account for 32% emissions.

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Increasingly companies are under pressure to mitigate the impact their business has on the climate and to do so, businesses need to shift their focus to include supply chains, wherein the biggest climate risks and opportunities are found. From target setting to CO2 offsets, SYNE gives companies the tools they need to measure and reduce their climate impact at every level of the supply chain.

What We Do

On an average, emissions in the supply chain are four times higher than a company’s direct operations and global supply chains becoming increasingly complex has added to the challenges faced by businesses in addressing their climate impact.

SYNE combines the best-practices, standard assessment models with purpose-built technology platform to provide businesses a comprehensive solution for their challenges.

The impact of climate change on companies are varying and it creates a series of new business risks. Besides ‘physical’ risks like operational impacts of extreme weather and supply shortages by water scarcity, there are ‘transition’ risks from society’s response to climate change such as changes in technologies, markets and regulations that increase business costs, undermining the viability of existing products and services affecting asset values.

The cloud-based platform from SYNE allows tracking of suppliers and products to the source, helping manage supplier related risks efficiently.

How We Do

Climate changes spur innovative products and services that are less carbon intensive or those enabling reduction of carbon others. SYNE helps large enterprises and investors identify and connect with innovators and founders working in the green economy.

Companies can also enhance the resilience of their supply chains by reducing reliance on price-volatile fossil fuels and shifting towards renewable energy. Digital technologies help decouple economic growth from resource consumption, enhance transparency and accountability on environmental impacts and help analyse and predict climate change developments.

SYNE has the experience and expertise to help clients play their part in combating climate change as well as reducing commercial risks and seizing the opportunities. SYNE helps in embedding climate change into governance structures, integrating it into corporate strategy and risk management systems and developing comprehensive emission reduction and risk mitigation roadmaps.

U$2 Tn

Group of investors worldwide with more than U$2 trillion in AUM, have initiated the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, committed to carbon-neutral portfolios by 2050.


More than U$30 trillion in funds were held in sustainable or green investments in the five major markets.