Digital Financial Services Infrastructure for the World.

To bring billions of people into formal economy.

Digital Financial Services Infrastructure for the World.

To bring billions of people into formal economy.

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Roughly one-fourth of the global population, of which half come from the poorest 40% of households within their economy. Lack of education and unemployment are only a part of the picture with cost of accounts and travel to the bank being the main hindrances.

What We Do

SYNE is in the process of building a digital financial services infrastructure to enable access for the unbanked population. SYNE aims to provide affordable, convenient and secure financial services worldwide and help billions move from cash-based transactions to formal digital financial transactions.

SYNE platforms partner with traditional institutions to help reduce operational costs and improve the quality of intermediation activities.

Digital platforms also lead to greater economic stability as well as increased financial intermediation for the customer and the economy. Customers benefit from greater control of personal finances, fast financial decision making and being able to make/receive payments in seconds.

How We Do

SYNE enables this through Social Impact Investing, supporting the initiatives that generate a positive social impact on individuals and community. SYNE helps achieve goals, by providing access to impact investors along with the expertise and support networks. 

Through this SYNE strengthens the ties with the communities and believes that economic growth should be inclusive, making basic financial products, services and information available to all. Access to basic financial products for those with low income is regarded critical in reducing poverty. It should be noted that many of the NGOs and social entrepreneurs dealing some of the most challenging societal issues have little access to financial products and this needs to be corrected.

Collective Intelligence for Social Impact Investing

Institutions have recognised that in the 21st century, in-house capacity and knowledge are limited when compared to the speed, scale and complexity of public problems. Hence, they look at the people networks (inside and outside government) for decisions and effective action since these involve communities in a legitimate manner.

The current explosion of interest in sustainable, mission-related, and socially responsible projects is arguably the strongest phase of expansion this space has ever seen. The difference seen now, is the breadth and pace of the social issues in the national narrative and their ramifications in the world of business and finance.


SYNE encourages partners, customers and corporates to pledge 2% of their resource time and financial profits for social good. Collectively we can change this World.


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