Maximize investment potential and scale your business.

Build your own Start-up or scale your Small Business.

Maximize investment potential and scale your business.

Build your own Start-up or scale your Small Business.

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SYNE accelerator supports and guides startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international organisations. We have created a social innovation ecosystem to enable purpose-driven business. At every stage of your journey, we connect you with the right programs, expertise, mentors, networks and investment.


In our accelerator, we always look for new entrepreneurs and companies that are further along in the process. Our services focus on connecting startups with investors and influencers.

Idea To Prototype: We offer a 48 hour Idea Boot Camp, which aims to transfer an idea into a validated Prototype. The goal is to stimulate idea generation and support to new ideas.

Prototype To Product: Teams with a thrilling prototype can participate in the product development program where they develop a minimal viable product (MVP) and incorporate their startup.

Product To Market: We encourage using SYNE platform for fostering meaningful collaboration between startups and communities, corporate members to produce Proofs of Concept – despite having differing speeds, scales and mentalities.

More than 100 million new businesses get started every year, ie. there are around 472 million entrepreneurs worldwide attempting to start 300 million companies. Our solutions help create and manage campaigns, projects, events, plan and forecast budgets, report and analyse performance, and promote collaboration and communication.


Startups can apply to our selective accelerator programs seeking to connect with industry decision-makers. Leveraging our pioneering network model, we foster innovation by facilitating information sharing, interactions, and potential collaborations between startups, financial institutions, and technology providers.

The three major programs are the Futures Program, FinTech and Life Sciences.

Futures Program: The program spans across Education, SpaceTech, Cybersecurity that are using technology for  social good. We empower social innovators to change the world.

FinTech Program: We work with emerging technology companies to gain access to new markets and products, greater efficiencies, or the “secret sauce” that makes innovation go.

Life Sciences Program: Biotech can solve the world’s greatest challenges, engineering new solutions for human health. We bring together the world’s most imaginative scientists.


The global startup economy generated $2.8 trillion in economic value. Globally, Small and Medium Businesses contribute up to 45% of total employment and 33% of GDP.


70% of all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets lack access to credit, but do you ever wonder which organisations can boost the economy?