We can help improve your Not-for-Profit organisation.

Collectively we can amplify your Social Objectives.

We can help improve your Not-for-Profit organisation.

Collectively we can amplify your Social Objectives.

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People and communities worldwide come together to build on each other’s skills and ideas for collective social good to help navigate the current global crisis. Getting involved is simple, join thousands of people and communities to discover what you can create with us.


If not-for-profits and social enterprises were a country, that would have been the 5th largest economy in the world. At SYNE, we help start turning your ideas into a scalable social enterprise business. SYNE Open Labs is a virtual co-working space, open to everyone with a scalable and innovative startup idea.  An ideal place for you to start work on your startup surrounded by other entrepreneurs on their journey, you’ll also get access to free events, communities and presentations. 

The Open Labs incubator is tailored to your phase and needs and the program duration is up to 24 months. We work with our in-house business developers and our global network of business angels, coaches and industry experts to help your venture take on the world. 


To solve today’s complex problems, we need better ways to engage together and share solutions and ideas around the globe. Good people are the key to societal progress, we are brining them together over the open labs network. Our focus is to invest in this community because we’ve seen diverse skills and minds solve critical problems. Creating a passionate, diverse group of people has powerful results, whether you’re building solutions, enlisting new stakeholders, or encouraging aspiring innovators. Collectively we can change this world. 

Ready to start working? Apply today and we will get back to you and help you in the best way to get further with your idea. Want to know more about us or do you have questions you want answered before you apply, get in touch with us and we’ll gladly get back to you. 

Apply today to join the Open Labs community.


There are 300 million startups worldwide and 100 million being launched annually. The secret to success is: look for the people who want to change the world.


The average time between funding rounds from Seed to Series A is 22 months, Series A to B is 24 months, and Series B to Series C is 27 months.