We can help improve your Social Innovations.

Collectively, let's amplify your Social Objectives.

We can help improve your Social Innovations.

Collectively, let's amplify your Social Objectives.

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People and communities worldwide come together to build upon the skills and ideas of each other to help navigate the current global crisis and contribute to social good.  It is  easy  to become a part of and you  join thousands of people and communities to discover what you can create together.


If not-for-profits and social enterprises were a country, it would be the 5th largest economy in the world. SYNE helps  turn  your ideas into a scalable social enterprise business.

SYNE Open Labs is a virtual innovation space, open to everyone with a scalable and innovative start-up idea.  An ideal place to start your start-up, surrounded by fellow entrepreneurs on their journey, you get access to free events, communities and presentations. 

The Open Labs incubator program duration is up to 24 months and is tailored to your phase and needs. SYNE team comprises of  in-house business developers and its global network of business angels, coaches and industry experts  help your venture take on the world. 


To solve today’s complex problems, we need better ways to engange as a team and and share solutions and ideas worldwide.  Good people are the key to societal progress and SYNE brings them together over the open labs network.

SYNE focuses on investing in this community and draws its expertise from diverse skill set of people and experience from solving critical problems. Creating a passionate, diverse group of people gives powerful resultswhether building solutions, enlisting new stakeholders, or encouraging aspiring innovators. Collectively we can change this world. 

Ready to start? Apply today and we will help you in the best ways to further your idea. In case you need more details about SYNE or have specific queries  before you apply, do get in touch with us and we will gladly get back to you. 

Apply today to join the SYNE Impact Labs community.


There are 300 million startups worldwide and 100 million more added annually. Secret to succeed? Look for those wanting to change the world.


The average time between funding rounds from Seed to Series A is 22 months, Series A to B is 24 months, and Series B to Series C is 27 months.