Collectively we can change this world

Welcome to the world of Collective Intelligence.

Collectively we can change this world

Welcome to the world of Collective Intelligence.

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Partner with SYNE

Together with our partners, we aim to strengthen our ecosystems around the world, inspire collaboration around key issues between unlikely allies, and support impact-driven social programs on their journey from idea to impact at scale. We are grateful that our partners believe in our mission and approach and continue to engage with us and our members around the world. 

What is right for you?

We work with a range of partners, from federal and local governments to large corporations and even small non-profit organisations. We place a huge value on building long term relationships with our partners and do our very best to customise each partner’s experience so that we can offer the best support. 

Social Impact

SYNE is the ideal partner to achieve social impact. We pool the strengths of different stakeholders—civil society, social entrepreneurs, and private companies—through our innovative collaboration models. We create win-win partnerships that respond effectively to social and environmental challenges.

Our network enables us to collaborate quickly with key partners around the globe. We respond effectively to large-scale problems in society, breaking down barriers between business, society, and the public. We also introduce new modes of collaboration.

We developed a range of relationships, from local-level pro bono and voluntary engagements to strategic and visionary engagements with companies. SYNE relies on individuals, foundations, and corporate contributions to develop our work in supporting social entrepreneurs around the world. 

Corporate & Foundation Partners

Whether it’s a grant to support our most innovative work, or a customized program to engage your customers and employees – we’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with you. 

We rely on grants and donations to further our mission and create real impact in the field of social impact across the globe. With your generous support we can reach new populations, test new innovative products and expand our knowledge in the field.

One of our primary objective is to make finance more accessible to underbanked populations, and we are actively working toward the ambitious goals of eliminating poverty, ending hunger, achieving gender equality, promoting sustainable agriculture and providing everyone on the planet with opportunities to obtain clean water and a quality education.

We are helping drive economic growth to create a more equitable future for all, and we’re committed to developing products and initiatives in line with our vision. We welcome international and domestic partners to help measure and improve our collective progress in transforming the world.