Our Universe is made of Data Stories, not just Atoms

Together we can create a better world using Collective Intelligence.

Our Universe is made of Data Stories, not just Atoms

Together we can create a better world using Collective Intelligence.

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Providing access to credit and savings is a major challenge in the battle against global poverty – yet 2 billion people do not have access to high-quality, affordable financial services. Additionally, there are 200 million small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide that have no access to formal financial services.


We aim to create digital age democracy, where people and communities will have a role in driving their local socio-economic developments. We are reorganising the trust of our social system and governance to make our governments and politicians more Accountable, Responsible and Transparent (ART).

  • Do you know where every dollar comes from, and how our Governments and politicians spend it?
  • Do you know how many times politicians put their interests before yours and make you suffer?
  • Do we trust our governments and politicians? Do we really know what they are doing for the voters?
  • Why do we pay high taxes and politicians spend our money without transparency and accountability?
  • Why common man is debt-ridden and politicians accumulate massive wealth during their active political periods?
We will empower political parties, social enterprises, governments, organisations, start-ups and not-for-profits to identify, track and enable social development by engaging social communities.

We are creating the ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ platform for digital age democracy to revolutionise social development for our local communities. We are building this platform using Collective Intelligence methodologies to ensure our political, social and economic systems are accountable and responsible for every dollar spent.

The platform will provide a democratic means to monitor and control government conduct, identify the development of concentrations of power.

The platform will be fuelled by data analytics and that will enable you to view, read and experience more data stories which will curb fake news. Today’s stories are not living up to expectations, as media houses cut back on factual and fearless reporting – it is now more of gossips than facts.

Global Challenges

Whether it is climate change, rebuilding trust in the financial system, or connecting the world to the internet, the global challenges are real opportunities.


Institutional Challenges

We are enabling institutions to put their unsolved problems and needs out to the crowd to address for an effective ‘Wisdom of Crowds’ solution.


Private Challenges

Create your own private challenge communities for problem solving – be it data sciences or urban development, but with powerful tools and resources.



Participants say they have seen fake news during federal and local elections and 20 percent believe it has influenced their vote. The world is now having more gossips and fake news than facts.


75% of the world’s high performing enterprises will be using crowdsourcing, as the number of internet users worldwide is growing exponentially to 5 billion.