We work on exponentials that create growth curves

Welcome to the world of Collective Intelligence.

We work on exponentials that create growth curves

Welcome to the world of Collective Intelligence.

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We believe that the solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges lie at the intersection of exponential technologies. Exponential technologies include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data science, digital biology and biotech, medicine, nano-tech and digital fabrication, networks and computing systems, robotics, and autonomous vehicles which are rapidly accelerating and shaping major industries and all aspects of our lives.

Customer Technologies

Artificial Intelligence is getting embedded in our everyday life, supporting significant advances in everything from medical systems to transportation. AI is augmenting human intelligence – enabling individual and group decision makers to utilize enormous data in evidence based decisions. AI can also augment humans in complex work requiring creativity and judgment.

Exponential technologies like Robotics is enabling real-time gathering and interpretation of data at a massive scale. A major factor in robotics-driven job growth is the modest fact that the blend of humans and machines can often yield better outcomes.

Digital Life Experiences

Given the mounting volume and importance of big data, quantum computing’s capability to unravel complex mathematical problems opens astonishing vistas in everything from predicting the weather to developing new drugs.

Biology is swiftly becoming an information technology domain and as an effect, genetic engineering will likely soon become a cloud application. Digital biology’s greatest impact on health may probably occur at the intersection of medical science and big data. That intersection holds the potential of genetic maps of our body’s systems and wearable devices that sense when something is wrong in those systems. Industrial biology’s combination of individual genetic maps and sensors that detect what may be amiss will drive vibrant new ecosystems. In effect, this is going to open up artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and big data synergies.

Creative Intelligence

The most refined criminals are creatively intelligent – they apply art and science to every crime they participate. The steady advance of exponential technologies, including robotics, artificial intelligence, industrial biology, is adding a third dimension to the risks we face in cybercrimes – insider threat and physical space. Cybercrime has traditionally been a two-dimensional problem – individuals hiding behind computer screens and hacking into the world’s information systems.

Nearly every car, computer, appliance, toy, thermostat, and piece of office equipment could be connected and online – and potentially vulnerable to hacking from anywhere on the planet. An example to this problem is the current cryptography deemed safe because it could take lifetimes for even the most powerful computers to crack the code. But in the future, a quantum computer could conceivably crack it in minutes. Were that to happen, all financial transactions and authentications moving across the internet could suddenly become vulnerable.

Organizations should recognize that while no system is hacker-proof, the good news is, they can take steps to create a more secure, vigilant, and resilient enterprise information infrastructure for security. This can be done using cognitive and behavioural analytics by adopting crowd sourcing models. When it does, bad actors may not be able to create their own bio-viruses such as weaponized flu strains – computer-designed viruses that could permeate our physical world. Ultimately, the effective fight against cybercrime may well rest on the efforts of a global crowd helping to root it out.

At SYNE, we believe in synergy – when two or more of these exponential technologies are used in combination to attack a persistent challenge, the possibility of developing a sustainable solution becomes much more likely and we experimented a small number of that trans-disciplinary methodologies which stemmed exponential outcomes.

Case Studies

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