Know what happens to your money.

Impact Measurements for your Collective Giving.

Know what happens to your money.

Impact Measurements for your Collective Giving.

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Accountability is important in Social Impact, making its measure critical for Individuals, teams and organisations associated with them. SYNE defines impact as the long-term positive change within individuals, communities and society resulting from the usage of products, services and activities of an organisation.

What We Do

SYNE transforms the way companies and organizations shape social change and impact. And we believe social impact not only builds brands but also serves as a fundamental business driver.

SYNE considers social impact work to be a competitive advantage. Quite often, corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts work as one-off, stand alone efforts and given secondary importance stifled by old paradigms. The usual business rules should not stop when it comes to CSR sustainability and corporate responsibility.

The SYNE method ensure that  sustainability is embedded in the core strategy and strengthens  business. SYNE helps focus on the enduring actions that will  produce positive and valuable results across a full spectrum of critical sustainability issues from climate change to the development of sustainable food systems and participation in sustainable impact investing.

The increase in impact investing has led to an unprecedented focus on impact measurement to understand financial as well as and social return of investments.

Impact measurement is complex in practice, and varies in approach and rigor. The SYNE model provides impact investors a framework to communicate with the entrepreneur to understand their journey  to the intended impact, underlying assumptions in their theory of change and marking the potential roadmaps on the path to driving impact. Investors can use this tool to assess regardless of agreeing with the under- lying assumptions of impact, and identify areas requiring further due diligence.

SYNE helps organisations through CSR Implementation  across all stages –  pre-assessment, Impact Assessments, Risk & Opportunity Analysis, Strategies & Policies and Action Planning.

How We Do

Around 2 billion people live in the world’s 1000 most populous cities.  SYNE plans to build the right communities to provide you with the strength to act on your ideas and inspire you to produce the best.

SYNE works with clients s to set goals, understand current business models and evaluate external landscapes to define organizational priorities and expertise. The plans and recommendations are anchored in clear goals, budgets and processes to achieve measurable milestones and quantify success.

SYNE helps develop advocacy issue campaigns and positions clients alongside key players, including elected officials, industry leaders and philanthropy influencers to accelerate mission impact.

Almost all ‘big ideas’ requires funding that is substantial as well as  sustainable funding. SYNE enables our platform to work with development teams to identify and maximize diverse revenue streams as well as develop fundraising resources, materials, and processes that highlight organizational strengths with target prospects in mind.

SYNE specializes in designing innovative, win-win public-private partnerships and the non-profit strategic planning services span the full partnership process from market analysis and identification to outreach and negotiations. SYNE connects non-profit organisations, governments, philanthropies, and corporate players to share goals in advance.

Strong leaders who prioritize social impact by setting a tone and culture that embraces the work, companies and organizations are effective in truly making a difference. The SYNE team is expeienced and works with executives at multiple levels with different styles and approaches. The SYNE social impact services provide key  information on strategy, executive positioning, and communications of  social impact to the leadership team.

$1 Trillion

Despite ongoing crisis, the global impact investing market is growing and is presently estimated to be more than $1 trillion.


Globally, a third of professionally managed assets, $30 trillion appx., are being currently subjected to ESG criteria.