Know what is happening with the money you contribute.

Impact Measurements for your Collective Giving.

Know what is happening with the money you contribute.

Impact Measurements for your Collective Giving.

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Impact measurement is an important area for Individuals, Teams and Organisations running activities to address social problems. We define impact as the long-term positive changes, for individuals, communities, and society as a whole, that result from products, services and activities provided by organisations.

The growth of impact investing has led to an unprecedented focus on impact measurement, with the aim of understanding both financial and social return on these investments. However, impact measurement is complex in practice, and varies in approach and rigor.

The logic model provides impact investors a framework to communicate with the entrepreneur to understand their path to intended impact, underlying assumptions in their theory of change, and potential roadmaps on the path to driving impact. Investors can use this tool to assess whether or not they agree with the under- lying assumptions of impact, and can also identify areas where further due diligence on impact should be undertaken. The logic model can also reveal points where causality is less proven, and investors can use this tool to identify areas where they want to stress-test the model by seeking previous studies or implementa- tions that can demonstrate outcome or impact.

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