Maximize investment potential and scale your business.

Build your own Start-up or scale your Small Business.

Maximize investment potential and scale your business.

Build your own Start-up or scale your Small Business.

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“Think small….” That line, from one of the most iconic lines about an international automobile brand captures the beauty of being small. Rather than being apologetic about the size, it underlines the advantages of having the time (as well as necessity) to scrutinise the details, rather than pass over them. Start-ups and Small business have this advantage of being nimble and paying more attention to detail.


Often, startups end up compromising while raising funds from public network; possible idea thefts during the process threaten their very existence. Choosing the alternative i.e. raising from own connections is costly since 5-10 % need to be paid to enablers for payments processing. With all these, finding the right partner is key to their success, keeping in mind its possible future needs – fund raising, promotions, product launches, networking opportunities etc. The objective of SYNE is to address these concerns while providing solutions for startups.

We help our not-for-profit clients to identify growth opportunities, social impact programs, maximise potential and thrive amid change.

SYNE offers a range of solutions that are truly tailor made as well as future ready. We offer private and public fund-raising opportunities which helps fence idea reach boundaries and protect from idea thefts.  The platform fees and payment processing charges are on par with the lowest and the subscription fees include additional products and services and offsets promotional costs in the long run.

We ensure future promotions, product launch and community building within the ecosystem and offer fund-raising in terms of venture funding and debt, in the road map. In adherence with its founding principle of ‘synergy’, SYNE links similar startup labs and accelerators for knowledge sharing and new market opportunities.

Fundraising Campaigns

Most giving is 80% emotion and 20% rational, fundraising initiatives are collective engagements of individuals, businesses and mostly for non-profit organizations.


Solution Challenges

Our consultants help companies rethink business and operating and models to deliver breakthrough value and business models to deliver breakthrough value.


Product Promotions

Promotions help organisations to move forward and it is the art of communicating  prospects to elicit an interest to want more details about the product or service.



The global startup economy generated $2.8 trillion in economic value. Globally, Small Medium Businesses contribute up to 45% of total employment and 33% of GDP.


70% of all micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging markets lack access to credit, but do you ever wonder which organisations can boost the economy?